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Since our team is flooded with inquiries, we ask that you please read the Frequently Asked Questions below before emailing our team.


Common Questions


Pink.tv costs $4/month excluding tax. (Depends on your state) You may cancel at anytime. 


My account > Settings > Payment > Cancel 

Got issues? We can do it for you. Just ask. 🙂

My account > Settings > Payment Methods, then whether to Edit or Delete the available payment methods.

Player & playback

We currently only support Google’s Chromecast. Make sure you have a Chromecast enabled TV or a Chromecast player. We do not support Samsung’s casting.


Make sure you’re viewing the Pink.tv website with your account logged in on CHROME browser on a pc or other device.

2. Connect your pc or other devices to the same WIIFI network as your Chromecast enabled device.

3. In Chrome, tap the 3 dots in the top right corner, then > Cast > Choose your casting device.


First, make sure that you have a working internet connection and at least 5MB/sec of download speed.

If you do have internet connection, try deleting your browser’s cookies. 

If that does not work, try to use the basic HTML player. My account >  Settings > Playback > Use basic HTML player.

Still got problems? Let us know.

Not all videos are available in all languages.  We do have English and Hebrew subtitles for all videos, but other languages are depending on the video’s popularity. If it has enough request for a certain language, we will translate it. 

How to request? 

My account > Settings > Playback settings  > Subtitles & Translation > Request a translation.


Use the search feature in the “Categories” page. – Tap the 🔍 in the top left corner  and enter whatever you’re searching for. 

Some videos aren’t available in certain religions. If you watched a video in your home, it might not be available in your grandma’s house that is in other state.  While we do our best to make all videos watchable in as much as possible locations, some may not be available where your’e in right now.

Still got questions? Scroll down.


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